Estonian ambassador visits Darwin

We were honoured to welcome Viljar Lubi, Ambassador of Estonia to the UK, to Darwin’s UK headquarters at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus on 8 February. Ambassador Lubi was interested in the work we’re doing to bring Estonia-based Auve Tech’s autonomous shuttle to UK roads.

The day of Ambassador Lubi’s visit was cold but beautifully sunny. The ambassador had the opportunity to ride both the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle and Auve’s Iseauto autonomous shuttle, and paid a visit to the Darwin SatCom Lab to learn more about our work.

Ambassador Lubi was also able to learn more about the progress being made at Harwell Campus in general, with an introduction to the campus at Harwell HQ. Harwell is an incredible hub for research and technological development in the UK, and Darwin is proud to be one of the many on-site organisations working to change the world.

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