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Darwin insurtech

Darwin and insurance

Darwin is working with leading insurance companies to help insurers create new products for the market. Through its work with autonomous vehicles and connectivity on the move, Darwin gathers data that is used to inform the insurance of cutting-edge new transportation methods.

Insurance for autonomous vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are on the verge of changing the world. Before self-driving cars can become commonplace, though, they’ll need to be insured.

This presents a challenge for insurers. To offer appropriately priced insurance for autonomous vehicles, they need to understand how these vehicles operate in practice. However, because there are currently few CAVs on public roads, relatively little information is available to insurers.

Darwin operates the longest-running autonomous public transport service in the UK, the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle in Oxfordshire, and helps other organisations to set up and run their own autonomous transportation services. By gathering and analysing data from these autonomous vehicles, Darwin aids its partners in the insurance sector, such as Aviva, in the development of insurance products for CAVs.

Through its collaboration with cybersecurity experts at Telefónica Tech, Darwin also has a strong understanding of the cybersecurity risks that affect vehicles, particularly autonomous vehicles, and how to mitigate them.

AI for insurance modelling

Darwin’s artificial intelligence team plays an important role in this insurance work. AI can be used to process and analyse data in large quantities, identifying patterns and aiding in extrapolation.

By combining our AI and analysis expertise with our unique and constantly expanding datasets, Darwin offers risk management and insurance modelling across the motor, maritime, air and cybersecurity insurance sectors.

If you’d like to know more about what Darwin offers to insurers, contact us.

Photo by Colby Ray, Unsplash