Welcoming the Blue Peter winner onto the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle

We’re delighted to have welcomed Blue Peter back to Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, after their visit last October!

In the autumn of 2021, Blue Peter held the Awesome Orbit competition for creative contestants between the ages of six and fifteen, supported by the UK Space Agency. Entrants had the task of designing an emblem for a satellite. The winner would have their emblem engraved on an actual satellite, which would then be launched into space: the first ever satellite to be launched from the UK.

The winner of the competition was aspiring astronaut Bethany, whose entry was in the 9 to 11 category. You can see the announcement of her victory on Blue Peter here, along with the runners-up.

As part of Bethany’s prize, she got to come to Harwell Science and Innovation Campus and ride the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle! We also gave her a copy of our children’s book Darwin the Shuttle Runs Away. Her visit will be featured on Blue Peter soon, so keep an eye out for the broadcast.

Bethany’s emblem, ‘Earthsitter’, shows a pair of hands holding the Earth, with a tree growing at the top. It’s designed with the idea of a satellite that could observe the Earth for illegal deforestation, so new trees can be planted where they’re needed.

Bethany’s name is engraved on the satellite that bears her emblem, along with the names of twenty-nine competition runners-up. They’ll be orbiting the Earth fifteen times a day for years to come.

It’s great to see Blue Peter encouraging an early interest in satellites and self-driving cars. Who knows: maybe some of the Awesome Orbit competition entrants will end up working with us!

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