Darwin at the Farnborough International Airshow

We had the pleasure of attending the Farnborough Airshow 2022 this July: the first time the airshow had taken place in four years. The event was held from 18 to 22 July, and Darwin went along with ESA and UKSA to demonstrate some of the things we’ve achieved together.

Rodrigo Barreto, Darwin’s lead architect, gave the presentation ‘Smart Mobility Everywhere: the case for hybrid satellite and mobile communications’ on Thursday 21 July. Darwin was originally created with the vision of combining satellite and mobile communications, so this is a topic that’s always been close to our heart. With Darwin’s technology, vehicles can switch between satellite and terrestrial networks in an instant, making it possible to remain continuously connected even in motion.

The Darwin Autonomous Shuttle also paid a visit to the airshow! Our shuttle operator Irving Galva Tapia was happy to welcome people aboard if they wanted to take a look around.

‘Farnborough was a unique experience,’ Irving said. ‘I had the chance to see part of an amazing air show, and also the chance to meet people from all kinds of innovation sectors with a lot of knowledge.’

We can achieve great things on Earth by looking to the skies, which is part of why events like the Farnborough International Airshow are so valuable. To learn more about how satellites can supplement 5G and why that’s important, take a look at our ubiquitous communications page.

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