Darwin at AI Summit London 2023

Artificial intelligence is an exciting and rapidly developing field, and Darwin’s work with autonomous vehicles means we have a particular interest in AI developments. We also make use of AI for image and text analysis at Darwin.

Earlier this month, Darwin’s co-founder Daniela Petrovic and VP of sales Adnan Salkic attended the AI Summit London. The summit was held on 14 and 15 June at Wapping’s Tobacco Dock.

We were honoured to attend the summit as guests of the High Commission of Canada in the UK. The country of Canada has played a huge role in shaping machine learning, with the work of pioneers such as Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio and Richard Sutton helping to form the backbone of modern AI. Canada has three national AI institutes and was the first country to implement a national AI strategy.

The AI Summit London is an annual opportunity to learn about the direction of artificial intelligence, connect with other organisations in the industry and explore how AI is bringing practical benefits to real people today. It’s part of London Tech Week, a global celebration of technology held with the support of the UK government.

By bringing together organisations with the ability to support each other, events like AI summits can help to push technology forward, creating benefits for everyone. Daniela and Adnan took the opportunity to learn, make connections and present Darwin’s solution to interested organisations.

‘We found the ideas at the summit hugely interesting,’ Daniela said. ‘We compared our research into satellite imaging aimed at insurance modelling with what IBM presented at the summit, and we found many common areas of opportunity and challenges. We also particularly liked how Spotify uses AI to suggest personality traits based on the music a person listens to.’

Take a look at some of our photographs from the summit below:

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