The Darwin Autonomous Shuttle on CNN Marketplace Europe

In the last week of July, the CNN team paid a visit to Harwell Science and Innovation Campus to report on the campus’s work with 5G and satellites. The news segment includes a chat aboard the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle!

You can watch the video here. David Owens talks the host through the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle service, and how, now that self-driving technology exists, real-world examples like the shuttle help to get the public used to sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles.

The video also features an interesting interview with Antonio Franchi of the European Space Agency, one of our partners supporting the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle project. Antonio speaks about ubiquitous communications, an important aspect of Darwin’s work. By supplementing 5G networks with satellites, we can achieve far greater communications coverage than we can with 5G alone.

Darwin’s technology makes it possible to switch seamlessly between 5G and satellite connections, depending on what networks are available. To learn more about why this matters, take a look at our ubiquitous communications page.

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