More about the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle

This page is for the benefit of organisations that would like to know the details of the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle service. If you’d like a quicker overview, you can go back to the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle main page.

If you’re interested in running a similar service, get in touch to discuss how Darwin can support you.

What is the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle (DAS)?

The Darwin Autonomous Shuttle, or DAS, is a minibus-sized, purpose-built autonomous vehicle, powered by electricity. It can carry up to fifteen passengers.

The DAS service has been in operation since November 2021 at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, providing a regular passenger transport service to campus residents. It drives autonomously and stops at campus bus stops along the way, allowing passengers off and on.

The DAS has been registered with the DVLA for use on public roads and is insured by Aviva. We can help with registration and insurance as part of our end-to-end autonomous vehicle setup service.

What is the DAS’s level of autonomy?

The DAS is a level 4 autonomous vehicle. It’s completely self-driving and doesn’t have a traditional steering wheel, although it can be operated manually by trained personnel when required.

The DAS travels two routes at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus: one along Fermi Avenue and one along Eighth Street. These routes have been mapped in advance in order to program the shuttle. If you’d like to operate a self-driving vehicle yourself, we can help with the preparation of the intended route.

What features does the DAS have?

The shuttle is equipped with LiDAR sensors, cameras, odometry sensors and a GNSS (GPS) antenna to help it position itself and detect obstacles. Darwin’s labs are capable of receiving and processing the data these sensors generate, and we can help your company handle the large quantities of data involved in running a similar service.

With Darwin’s technology, the DAS is able to remain connected to the internet at all times, switching seamlessly between terrestrial and satellite networks when required.

How can Darwin help my organisation operate self-driving vehicles?

With our experience of setting up and operating a self-driving shuttle service, we’d be delighted to help your organisation do the same. We can help you with every step of the process: obtaining the vehicle, commissioning the route, securing insurance, training the safety operators, gathering and processing data.

The Darwin Autonomous Shuttle is bright yellow, but your shuttle doesn’t have to be. You can design the shuttle’s colour scheme and branding to fit your organisation.

Get in touch to set up a meeting, and we’d be happy to talk about your needs.