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Darwin Business Innovation Lab

Darwin Business Innovation Lab

The Darwin Business Innovation Lab is an open, creative learning and collaboration space designed to help businesses innovate. You’ll find the lab at the University of Glasgow. If you can’t visit in person, we can also collaborate remotely with interested businesses across the world.

The Darwin Innovation Lab offers guidance and expertise to organisations interested in areas such as:

  • Innovation management
  • Digital transformation
  • Investment planning
  • Constructing innovative, responsible business models
  • Scenario planning with AI for risk management

Digital technologies are revolutionising the way we live, work and relate to each other. With a stronger understanding of what these technologies can do and how to use them, you can generate more value for your business. Our work helps organisations to develop or innovate business models based on the possibilities opened up by digital technologies.

The Darwin Business Innovation Lab offers a range of expertise, training, business simulations and guidance to develop or innovate business models, technology strategies, strategic forecasting, digital transformation and regulatory assessment, among other research services for cutting-edge technologies and emerging industries.

Our core team at the lab is:

  • Dr Daniela Petrovic: Darwin Delivery Director, Ecosystem Partnership Strategy
  • Prof. Tim Morris: University of Oxford, Business Model Strategy
  • Prof. Nuran Acur: University of Glasgow, Head of Darwin’s Business Innovation Lab
  • Dr Carlos Carbajal: University of Glasgow, Lead of Darwin’s Business Innovation Lab
  • Dr David Owens: Darwin Chief Pilot, Head of Technical Trials and Simulations
  • Adnan Salkic: Darwin VP Sales, Business Finance Modelling and Simulations

If you’d like to know how the Darwin Business Innovation Lab can help to design or innovate your business model, get in touch.

Photo by Paulina B, Unsplash