Darwin opens Spanish office at Málaga TechPark

  • Darwin Innovation Group, a UK startup that specialises in communications technology and autonomous vehicles, has opened an office in the Green Ray building by PTA-UMA at Málaga TechPark.
  • The University of Málaga’s research and talent, and Darwin’s European partners, including Dekra, Hispasat and Telefónica, have been key to Darwin’s decision to establish itself in the Málaga innovation ecosystem.

Darwin Innovation Group, a startup based in the United Kingdom, has opened a Spanish office in the Green Ray at Málaga TechPark. The company intends to employ four people at its Málaga office during the first quarter of 2022, to reach ten jobs at the end of said year.

Darwin’s work focuses on communications and connectivity for current and future technologies, such as drones and autonomous vehicles. Through its research and development, Darwin aspires to bring new opportunities to rural areas and introduce connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) to public roads. Its partners include Dekra, Hispasat and Telefónica.

Darwin’s ubiquitous communications technology enables CAVs to switch seamlessly between satellite and 5G networks, allowing them to operate without losing their connection if they move out of range of mobile towers.

‘We are delighted to announce the opening of the Darwin office in Málaga, in the Green Ray by PTA-UMA. Our goal is to bring seamless connectivity to the world, combining 5G and satellite communications, with Hispasat as an industrial partner. Our main use case is connected and autonomous vehicles, and we are looking forward to bringing our solutions to Málaga and continuing to improve them with the Málaga team,’ Darwin commented.

‘Opening a Darwin office in Málaga was a very easy decision. The University of Málaga has the potential to enrich Darwin’s team with exceptional graduates in the fields of urban planning, engineering and computer science. We are looking forward to collaborating with the university on our technology for connected and autonomous vehicles.

‘We love Málaga’s enthusiasm for innovation and new technologies, and we appreciate the warm welcome from the Málaga TechPark team at the Green Ray. The campus has great potential, as it brings together highly innovative companies of different sizes,’ said the company.

Alongside Hicron and RedZinc, Darwin is one of three companies joining Málaga TechPark from other countries this week. This demonstrates the park’s aim of attracting companies that are committed to the ecosystem of the technopolis and to the development of their projects in Europe.

Darwin Innovation Group is a UK-based company that provides services related to autonomous vehicles and communications. If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at our careers page. If you’d like to know how we can help your organisation make use of autonomous vehicles, contact us. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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