Virgin Media O2 and Cisco launch portable 5G network at Darwin SatCom Lab

On 15 March 2023, Virgin Media O2 and Cisco launched a remarkable product: a private 5G network in a box. The portable network is aimed at organisations that want to make use of 5G’s high capacity and potential but cannot afford to invest in 5G infrastructure.

The launch took place at O2 and Darwin’s SatCom Lab at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus. Darwin also played a part in the portable network’s development by testing the product in its fleet of connected vehicles, including the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle.

Daniela Petrovic, Darwin’s co-founder and delivery director, was pleased to be involved in the innovative product’s testing and launch. ‘It’s been a great privilege for me to work again with Virgin Media O2’s Dr David Owens, head of technical trials, and Steve Brown, new technology trials manager,’ she said.

5G is a technology with vast possibilities, but the low range of 5G towers restricts the areas where it can be used. By developing a portable 5G network, Virgin Media O2 and Cisco are opening the potential of 5G up to a broader audience, and Darwin is glad to play a role.

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