University of Glasgow

Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and has been named Scottish University of the Year 2018.

The University of Glasgow includes among its alumni the father of economics Adam Smith, and the Adam Smith Business School is named in his honour. The Adam Smith Business School sustains and fosters a place of research-informed and professionally focused work of outstanding quality, bringing together inspiring people for the purposes of research, learning and teaching, and engaging with corporate and policy connections, with impact locally and globally.

The Business School continues research in international finance, international economics and macroeconomics. As of 2016 the business school offered four undergraduate and 35 postgraduate programmes, as well as various PhD degrees, and is one of few institutions holding the honourable triple crown accreditation.

Areas of research include:

  • International business and enterprise. The International Business and Enterprise (IBE) cluster is a leading centre for the study of economic globalisation and international business. We conduct world-class research into the impact of globalisation on organisations and into the role of international firms in economic development and transnational governance.
  • Strategy and technology management. The Strategy and Technology Management (STM) cluster has a focus on a range of issues that sit at the interface between the use of technology within organisations and the implications that those technologies can have for a range of communities of practice, including social groupings that use or are affected by those technologies.
  • Services and operations management: The Services and Operations Management cluster includes members whose research is in the general areas of operations management, management science and innovation. Members work to understand and generate solutions to problems in the delivery of services and goods that generate value for organisations in the public, private and third sectors