Harwell NextGen ‘Celebration of Science’ Poster Event 2021

On 18 November, Harwell NextGen held a poster event to show off some of the exciting work being done at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus. Soheyl Soodmand and Ram Kurakula went to the event to present a poster about Darwin’s projects.

Below, you can see some photographs from the event and take a close look at the poster in PDF form.


We were pleased to find that many of the attendees had seen the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle around the campus and were interested to know more about it!

You can access Darwin’s poster as a PDF over here. Soheyl created the design of this poster, with Harriet Evans writing the copy.

Harwell NextGen is a Harwell Science and Innovation Campus programme to help students and early-career professionals find their feet. If you’re interested in starting your career with us, take a look at our Join Darwin page!

Darwin Innovation Group is a UK-based company that provides services related to autonomous vehicles and communications. If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at our careers page. If you’d like to know how we can help your organisation make use of autonomous vehicles, contact us. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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