Darwin annual celebration 2022

15 December 2022 was a chilly day in Oxford, with temperatures well below freezing. We’re delighted that so many people were willing to brave the weather and join us for a festive dinner at the University of Oxford’s Balliol College.

Every year, Darwin traditionally celebrates all efforts by the team, partners and suppliers with a meal at one of Oxford’s colleges. The University of Oxford plays an important part in Darwin’s successes, and our connection with academia can also be seen in our work with the University of Glasgow, the University of Málaga, Sorbonne University etc.

During pre-dinner drinks, we were treated to a talk about the 760-year history of Balliol. Balliol College was founded in 1263, making it one of Oxford’s oldest colleges, although the colleges tend to clash over exactly which one is the oldest. After learning about our host, Darwin’s employees, suppliers and partners sat down for a meal together.

It was an evening of warmth in the midst of December, with good food, good conversation and good speeches. To open the meal, Daniela Petrovic of Darwin welcomed and thanked us all. To close it, Antonio Franchi of the European Space Agency reflected on all that ESA and Darwin had achieved so far in partnership, and on the exciting projects that lie ahead.

At Darwin, we’re grateful for the hard work of all our employees, contractors, partners and suppliers. We work with ideas and technology, but ultimately every success we’ve had is due to the hard work of individuals. It was a pleasure to bring people together and celebrate what we’ve achieved, and we’re looking forward to reaching greater heights in 2023.

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