Blue Door podcast: The environmental benefits of connected transportation

David Owens, Darwin’s head of technical trials and chief pilot, went on O2 Business’s Blue Door podcast this week to talk about the environmental benefits of connected transportation.

You can listen to Blue Door episode 27, ‘COP26 – Connectivity creating better transport options’, over here. The entire thing is worth listening to; it’s only half an hour, and David, who has over forty years of telecommunications experience, gives interesting insight into this important area of sustainability.

Between the 17.30 and 21.40 marks, David and the host Danny Hicks talk about the Darwin SatCom Lab and the work we’re doing here. They touch on subjects including:

O2 Business’s Blue Door podcast is a weekly technology and business podcast that often looks to the future. If you’re interested in more discussions like this, you can find previous episodes over here.


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